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I just recently found out about the Thomas Cook Explore the Elements photo blogging competition (closed).  “It’s all about capturing and expressing the four elements through travel photography.  … We’re looking for

Searching the Internet

I planned to publish this post almost a month ago, but was destructed by various family issues. Additionally, our area was impacted by storm Sandy and that caused another delay. Anyway, I was searching the Internet for retirement

“Go Naked”

Yesterday I called my former employer to check if I am eligible for the health coverage during my early retirement. At the time of separation, I was eligible for the coverage.  The operator

Hot Topic – Retirement Abroad

I can’t believe!  Retirement abroad is the favorite topic lately. Here is another article “10 Countries Where Retirees Live Large” by Jason Notte originally published by on June 20, 2012  and

Affluenza & Downshifting

On June 14, 2012 CNN Money published the article by Geoff Colvin “3 ways to take control of your retirement” (The story is from the July 12, 2012 issue of Fortune). The article covers