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Vietnam, Hanoi

Here we are in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam.   Love this city that has a nice mix of old and modern world.     Upscale shops and locals continue their simple lives together….

Vietnam, Hoi An

We are celebrated Tet (Vietnamese New Year) in Hoi An.  Hoi An Ancient Town is one of the eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Vietnam.    We love this little town. It

Vietnam, Da Nang

After unforgettable stay in Dalat we moved to Da Nang, a coastal city in central Vietnam known for its sandy beaches. We booked a hotel within a 5 min walk from the

Dalat’s Flowers

Dalat is the flower capital of Vietnam. Here just photos of SOME Dalat’s flowers.  I think I saw just two or three of them before.  No more words are needed.  Enjoy!

Vietnam, Dalat

We are in Dalat, Vietnam. “Dalat, also Da Lat (Đà Lạt), located in the South Central Highlands of  Vietnam, was originally the playground of the French who built villas in the clear mountain air

Vietnam, Saigon

We tried to postpone our trip to Vietnam for a couple years by now.  We did not want to visit Vietnam because of its communist government.   Many our friends were excited about

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! We are happy to report that 2015 was a very fruitful year for us. Geographically, we lived in the four countries (Thailand, Malaysia, India, and Singapore) and in 13

KL, Singapore, Chiang Mai, and Varanasi

We have been very busy lately and I did not post any updates since August. Here is a brief “executive” summary of what has happened in our life. After Varanasi, we had a


“You have to fall in love with this city, otherwise you’ll feel miserable” – Paramahamsa Nithyananda Just got back to Kuala Lumpur from Varanasi where I’ve volunteered for the Inner Awakening and

Cooking Banana Flower or Banana Blossom

Many fancy Thai restaurants incorporate banana flowers into salads or other gourmet dishes, that relatively expensive.    I love the taste, so here my first experience of cooking banana flower, a.k.a. banana blossom. This