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Ciao Italy!

Our short stay at Delhi was perfect. We spent a lovely time with Shalini, the owner or the Shamnath Villa, relaxed, and I even took a cooking class from her personal cook. 

Sri Lanka’s Beaches

I had a hard time swimming in Varkala;  Arabian Sea is stormy and strong current pulls  you away from the shore. Indian Ocean… Sri Lanka’s beaches! Here we are, just two of


After staying for three weeks in Puttaparthi, a small town in Andhra Pradesh, we proceeded to Varkala in Kerala. The main reason for visiting Puttaparthi was to spend some time at the

Detox at Jindal Nature Cure

Here I am, at Jindal Nature Cure Institute at Banagalore.  I admitted myself to this place for the detox program.  The place is so popular among the Indian middle class; therefore all rooms


After visiting Agra, Jaipur, Judaipur, we are in Udaipur, the “Venice of the East”, the “Most Romantic City of India”. The city where Maharajahs live even now. When we arrived to Udaipur’s

Namaste India!

  Completed our Russian adventure. Enjoyed everything in Moscow but were so happy when landed in New Delhi, India. Staying in Delhi in B&B and feel like finally came home.  We are


Dacha is the suburban summer house, and majority of Russians, if can afford,  have one. Our relative brought us to her dacha which is located approximately 50 miles from her apartment in

Settling in NY, Week Two

Our friends could not believe that we were so busy in NYC.  “Busy? Doing what? You are not going to work; you do not have a house, no cars… What you are


As a part of our big plan to retire early abroad, we’ve sold our house a few days.  As I wrote in the earliest posts, we loved our house so much! I

Meeting New People

The number of my posts is reduced lately, although my mind is jumping from one though/topic to another like a drunken monkey.  I felt that I want to share a lot, but