Hello Kuala Lumpur!


We made a conscious decision to splurge a little bit, and stay at the Renaissance Kuala Lumpur (KL) hotel with the magnificent view of the Petronas Twin Towers. So glad that we did that! What a view, especially at night!

Petronas Towers view from R hotel

view from the room          towers at night
We love KL! So modern and clean city!

KLCC       The Towers city tour       city


We are staying in the center, so all attractions are within the walking distance.

golden triangle

Love the architecture, technology, shopping malls, food! Taxis are so cheap!

Bukit Bintang_3     Bukit Bintang_2


next block

Planning to stay in KL for a month and enjoy the civilization and urban life. Are you wondering about the prices? Well, if you are not renting for 12 months, than the cost of apartment is very expensive. A 1-2 bdr apartment in the center could cost you $2,000 +, unless you negotiate. One year contract can bring your cost down significantly – you could rent a nice fully furnished 3 bdr apartment for $1,200-$1,500. The food and transportation (taxi) are not expensive. We had a nice dinner (see the pictures below) and it was less than $15 for too. You do the math.

street food at Jalan Alor     coconut at Jalan Alor

Within one week search, intense research, and numerous appointments, we found “our” place to live.  We moved into 2 bdr/2 bath apartment in the center, Bukit Bintang, and planning to settle for a couple of months.  Recently, I reviewed the travel log, and realized that we chanced 40 (!) sleeping places since we sold our house last July and started traveling.

Here are the views from the apartment:

view from the window2

view from the window     next block

Right now we are busy with settling – bought missing items, replaced old stuff with the new, did some cleaning (no cleaning maid can clean as well as we, at least at the first place; later we plan to hire English speaking cleaning lady ~$8/hr).  Two days later, we feel like at home.

And new life brings new challenges: what to eat for breakfast?

whats for breakfast_2

Dragon Fruit?

dragon fruit1 dragon fruit cuted


fruit1 fruit2

Or Salak (Snake fruit)?

snake fruit

Or Jack Fruit?

jack fruit

Learning our way around…  Yesterday went to buy Windex and found a long raw of restaurants, just around the corner, with the street food, and with the very affordable prices.

Jalan Alor       street food at Jalan Alor-3

street food at Jalan Alor-2         street food at Jalan Alor-4

We even eat the Duran fruit the first time in our life!

duran        cuting duran

There are two supermarkets 5 min walk, similar to The Whole Foods with the similar prices :( .  Also, there are so many mini-markets where the prices for the local produce are dramatically lower  :) .

KL has it all, even the fancy gelato!  So welcome to KL and enjoy your stay!

gelato1 gelato2

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