Jindal vs. I-AIM


After Jindal Nature Cure  I joined my husband at I-AIM Health Care Centre to get a few more Ayurvedic massages and treatments, just for fun, and satisfy my long term desire for the four hands massages.  My husband stayed in the suit with the treatment room attached to his accommodation.  Since he already paid for the entire suite (2 beds) I was staying with him for free.  I just paid for the food (Rs.400/day plus the cost of treatments).


What is better? You can’t compare Jindal to I-IAM, they are so different. Jindal is a resort/social club, with a few treatments and a diet in-between, and it has a nature cure approach. I-AIM is an Ayurvedic hospital, a government hospital.  It provides “a complete, authentic and holistic care through the ancient system of Ayurveda, or the science of life, and Yoga”.

The rooms are clean, sheets are changed every day, (although, we’ve asked to replace some sheets and towels). It has a strict mono-diet, doctor’s consultations daily, private yoga sessions, treatment and diagnostic facilities, etc.  I-IAM has a small territory so you walk around the campus.  That’s all.  You are lucky if you have some company.  We, for example, met two remarkable women who did their research at I-AIM.  One is an Iranian-born American doctor from San Francisco, and another, the French pediatrician, the former head of pediatric hospital in Paris.  Both of them made our stay there unforgettable, and we cherish these new relationships.  At Jindal, meeting the new people is not an issue, and I met a lot of wonderful people who made my stay enjoyable there. (BTW, this is the answer to our friends’ question “Don’t you be bored just to be by yourselves, without old friends?”)

What is the cost of our stay at I-AIM?

My husband stayed 15 days, I stayed 3 days. I was having three massages per day; my husband also was having three massages per day plus several detox treatments daily specifically designed for his body type.)  The total cost was $2,340. It could be less if we choose to stay in the less expensive room instead of the suite.  I-AIM has a different price policy based on your accommodation.  The same massage has a different price for the suite, deluxe room, room, and outpatient patient.  So be aware of the “income” discrimination.

The bottom line, we liked massages, the rejuvenation and detox program was awesome, the money well spent.

The next stop is the ashram, the Vedic monastery, to “detox” our mind.  We’ll be attending a 21 days yogic workshop, and most likely I will not have any time to update the blog until we are done.

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