KL, Singapore, Chiang Mai, and Varanasi


We have been very busy lately and I did not post any updates since August. Here is a brief “executive” summary of what has happened in our life.


After Varanasi, we had a relaxing week in Kuala Lumpur, and then one of us took a short trip to check a couple diving resorts on the Perhentian Islands, Malaysia.

map 2d_20150812_190723

While the island has a few nice beaches, the accommodation and the diving sites are far from the best in the world.  After spending 3 days there, the better half happily returned home.


A few weeks later, at the end of August, we did a quick “visa run” to Singapore.


It was a delightful trip: we stayed at the wonderful hotel, met the old and new friends, attended a meditation workshop, splurged on fancy lunch and High Tea, walked around Marina Bay, and took a lot of pictures.


After coming back to KL, we started to pack for “relocation” to Thailand.  We arrived to Chiang Mai and book a nice apartment for our future stay.


Chiang Mai has a different vibes than Kuala Lumpur, and we simply enjoying a luxury life in Chiang Mai.


IMG_20150926_185154  IMG_20150927_142352 IMG_20150926_152010 IMG_20150927_100353


We planned to stay in Chiand Mai till mid January. But suddenly, an unexpected but delightful volunteering opportunity came up. And here we are, once again in the eternal city of Varanasi.

IMG_20151003_133037 IMG_20151025_053855

Varanasi (a.k.a. Benares, Banaras or Kashi) and Kashi’s people continue to amaze me. I feel that I am blending nicely and I am the part of the WHOLE.


IMG_20151003_130603  IMG_20151011_044301  IMG_20151011_060745

During the recent visit to the Kalabhairava Temple several people stopped me and asked to take a few pictures of them.   Two simple words “shukriya” (thanks) and “aachaa” (OK, got it) made the miracles.

IMG_20151003_131557 IMG_20151025_052448

People were telling me something, smiles… and became very serious in front of camera. I have to learn two more words before the next trip.

IMG_20151025_054837 IMG_20151025_055711

Varanasi…. Over 3 million people visit Varanasi every day. Therefore it is hard to maintain the streets clean; so pay attention to why you came here – Gods, Ganges, temples, people, buildings, animals….and as my friend said “bless every garbage man and street sweeper with overflowing gratitude for their work”.


And now, after a month in Varanasi, we are back at Chiang Mai.  Stay tuned — another unexpected adventure just opened doors in front of us.

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