We finished our mini vacation (Penang-Langkawi) and now are back “home” in KL.   Thanks AirAsia for the cheap tickets!


Enjoyed Langkawi – white sand beaches,

Pasir Tengkorak Beach4 Pasir Tengkorak Beach3 cenang beach Pasir Tengkorak Beach2

the sunset and panoramic views from the top of the Gunung Raya Tower…

Gunung Raya 1  Gunung Raya sunset2

Gunung Raya sunset3

and from the Cable Car (on the last day).   Amazing views from the top!

cable car2 cable car1

The sky and the sea merging into each other – infinity…infinity

and the last sunset…

sunset in Langkawi

Glad to be back but miss our new friends from the small restaurant at the Pasir Tengkorak Beach.

Pasir Tengkorak Beach

Every day Kras (from Bulgaria) and Nas (from Malaysia) treated us like their family.  Nas cooked for us the  delicious vegetarian meals, using his grandmother’s techniques. Every day he surprised us with some  new gastronomic creation… what a treat!

Just look at these pictures! We miss you guys!

 lunch1   lunch2

lunch4  lunch5lunch6  lunch7

 We met so many amazing people – the TV talk show host from Hawaii (they call him Orphan of Maui), the beach cafe owner from Bulgaria and his Malaysian partner, I mentioned above, the  guy who learned sealing at age of eight, and arrived to Langkawi to register his new yacht.  We even got invited to check his yacht…marina   Yacht

Life full is beautiful!

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