Living La Dolce Vita


After settling in Baveno, we started exploring the area:

Lago (Lake) Maggiore area – Verbania, Stresa, and the islands -Isola Bella, Isola Madre, Isola dei Pescatori (or Isola Superiore), Isolino di San Giovanni (in front of Verbania).



Stresa. A short (10 minutes/1.5 eu) bus ride, then a nice walk along the lake. After a wonderful and not rainy day, we returned to Baveno by boat.

Here are a few pictures from Stresa:

a pizzeria with the vegetable garden, so unusual!IMG_20140820_120730_Stresa

this balcony has a character…

flowers grow on the wall


The Roman(?) ruins


Mottarone (1,491m). A scenic drive, breathtaking views…


In Mottarone, on a nice day, you can see 5 lakes, and Monte Rosa, the highest mountain in Switzerland and the second-highest in both the Alps and Western Europe (4,634 m /15,203 ft). We saw them all!


Then we visited Lake D’Orta. A nice afternoon scroll in the center of the small town called Orta San Giulio, and then even a swim in the lake (water is a crystal clear).

 IMG_20140821_140134_Orta San Giulio IMG_20140821_150859_Orta San GiulioIMG_20140821_152306_Orta San Giulio

IMG_20140821_151349_Orta San Giulio IMG_20140821_180056_Omegna IMG_20140821_163330_Orta San Giulio IMG_20140821_164921_Orta San GiulioIMG_20140821_164910_Orta San Giulio

Lake Como, Bellagio… such anticipated visit!  We liked the area but it was so touristy!

IMG_20140822_164409_Bellagio IMG_20140822_163639_Bellagio

IMG_20140822_155702_Bellagio IMG_20140822_135156_Como

On another perfect day we explored the Northern part of Lake Maggiore.We took a ferry (with the car) from Verbania to Laveno that is located on another side of the Lake. What a magnificent view from the boat and from Laveno pier! You even can saw the Alps in the snow from the boat.


Then we drove to Luino, spent a few hours enjoying the town and weekly market, and … gelato. The folks from many small towns on the both sides of the border come to this famous weekly market. It was an interesting experience.


As soon as we crossed the Switzerland boarder we started observing a different landscape: different architecture of churches, more commercial buildings, less flowers on the balconies, every piece of land was used, and that smell of Italian “La Dolce Vita” disappeared.

We even did not stop at Locarno and drove straight back to Italy, back home…

Every day brings a new joy! Discovered a new lake, Lago Di Mergozzo, where you can swim. All lakes we visited so far surprised us with the crystal clear water. 

IMG_20140829_124739_Lago Di MergozzoIMG_20140829_164532_Domodossola

IMG_20140829_164513_river Toce


Then an interesting stop at the thermal springs with the therapeutic mineral water. You can drink even a sparkling water out of the tap! The nature here is surprising us every moment.

IMG_20140829_152134_Bognanco_Termi IMG_20140829_153421_Bognanco_Term IMG_20140829_153757_Bognanco_Term

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