Medical Care in Malaysia


We arrived to Kuala Lumpur (KL) from Bali, where I was having 39°C (~ 102°F) fever for the five days.  We landed in the afternoon but I did not have any strength to go to the doctor right away. On a next day, around 8:30 am we took a taxi ($1.4) and went to the best private hospital in KL.


I saw many excellent hospitals in Asia, but this time I was speechless and could not proceed to the emergency unit for some time – I thought I am at the upscale hotel or shopping mall.


Anyway, we followed the cute footprints and arrived to the reception area.

img_20161027_085443img_20161027_155247 img_20161027_155201

In five minutes or less I was registered and moved to the registration nurse who took a few initial basic measurements. Then immediately I was escorted to the emergency unit where doctor in duty came to interview me and discuss the tests.

Then blood was taken. It was an interesting experience.  I was told how to breathe so blood will go smoothly without me feeling any pain or discomfort. The male nurse instructed me “inhale, hold the breath, breath normally,  etc. ” and guided me till he finished the blood withdrawal.  Wow! Of course, I did not feel anything.

Then right away, the doctor came and told that they heed about 1.5 hrs to complete blood work. He has advised us to have breakfast and relax.

You can see from the photos of the cafeteria that it looks like a nice restaurant.

img_20161027_094640 img_20161027_094647

There are a few good coffee shops in the lobby, so we finished our breakfast with a double shot cappuccino.


I also wondered around and took a few photos.

img_20161027_115852 img_20161027_155337

The 1.5 hr passed, and not a minute later, we entered doctor’s office. He went through the test results, explained all in details. Then we discussed what other tests he performed and covered other possible concerns. It was the longest doctor’s visit I have had in a years!… and he was not in a rush, and would stay as long as we need…

Then we went to registration, where I settled my bill $153, including antibiotic and other medicine.

Finally, I went to the pharmacy, located in the lobby, to receive my medicine. See the picture  of the pharmacy – don’t remember seeing this in New Jersey.


By 11:30 am (2.5 hours later) I was done, fully diagnosed and with the medicine  – all for $153!


I compare this visit with the latest experiences of seeking medical help in NJ.  We spent over 4 hrs on a call trying to find a doctor and schedule appointment.  I was rejected so many times because I did not have the referral from the primary physician…. And you should see the medical and pharmacy bills!  $200 charge for being a new patient!  I still can’t believe that I paid $258 for the 7 ml eye drops and to discover on the next day that I was resistant to it!


By the way, here in Kuala Lumpur, they also change a new patient fee, but it is $10 vs. $200 in NJ.

I feel so sorry for my fellow Americans …

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