Retirement Outsourcing


A week ago we saw a new movie “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”.  It is funny and sad at the same time. Seven British retirees decided to “outsource” their retirement to India. The film shows how they adjusted to the new country, and how the new life changed their relationships.  Excellent cast, including Judy Dench.

Of course, some situations were artificial, but some moments created fear in me. What if the difficulty of adjusting in the new country will jeopardize the relationship between me and my husband? What if the living conditions in the third world country will change my behavior?

After the long discussion and emotional analysis, my husband concluded that I should not feel scary. All people in the movie already had relationship issues before coming to India.  They did not have money even for the return ticket or for the better living arrangements. India just expedited the explosion of their issues. Thanks G-d, we do not have their issues, and therefore I should relax.  It is good when your husband is on the same page with you, supports and calms you down.

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