Sailing the Greek Islands


The thoughts of being on a cruise ship always make me anxious.  It is like going to the “all you can eat resort” and staying behind the resort fence all your vacation.  Nothing is wrong with these vacations but this is not our thing, period.

When I accidently saw the review of the on the web, we have decided to sail with them.  What did attract us?  A number of things: a boat, a semi-private (unless you book the entire boat) Turkish gulet that accommodates 12 guests, the positive reviews, and the photos published during the cruise by the other passengers.


Our biggest concern was if the crew can accommodate our “orthodox” vegan dietary requirements.  Eileen, the owner of the boat, ensured that our diet will not be a problem.


After doing some research, comparing the prices based on the route, boat size, etc. we booked the MedSea ES Canada gullet.  The cruise started and ended in Rhodes.  After a short stop in Turkey to complete custom formalities (the gulet sails under the Turkish flag), we started our voyage.


IMG_20170927_162231 IMG_20170926_162319 IMG_20170926_124543 IMG_20170927_162012

Symi, Nisyros, Tilos, Chalki, Alimia… the Dodecanese Islands of Greece … they are so spectacular and each of them has his own character… you can see them on the map below.



IMG_20170925_181513 IMG_20170925_180746  IMG_20170924_184004  IMG_20170924_175813   IMG_20170925_175054 IMG_20170925_175157

IMG_20170924_175728 IMG_20170927_151639

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The weather was perfect (Sept 23-Sept 30), and everyone on the gulet had a great time.  We even saw the dolphin twice!

IMG_20170926_162451 IMG_20170927_124604


IMG_20170927_170341 IMG_20170924_114614

If you want to sail on a semi-private boat, I would recommend the MedSea ES Canada gullet and MedSeaYachts without any hesitation.   It was amazing experience and time and money well spent. And it is vegan friendly cruise, we all can certify this!


Here is some practical information about the trip.

IMG_20170926_162725 IMG_20170925_173009

The guests.  If you are not booking the boat for yourself, you will have other people (families, couples, groups) on the boat.  This is a nice opportunity to meet new people and learn something new from them.  We had three wonderful families, all adults, from Canada and Norway.  We blend nicely and had fun exploring the islands and during the water sports.




Accommodation.   All cabins have comfortable beds, private bathrooms that cleaned daily. Linens were changed a few times during the week but I do not remember the sequence.

All of us choose to sleep under the sky on the upper deck, at least a few nights during the week – unforgettable experience.  The gulet is large enough to accommodate all guests and the crew.   You even can have some privacy if you need without staying inside of your cabin. This is a beautiful boat, right size for us, well maintained, and  clean…exactly what we wanted for this type of experience.

IMG_20170927_124234 IMG_20170926_104818

The food.   The chef worked in the restaurant business for many years, so we were enjoying the freshly cooked vegan food, three times per day, plus the tea in the afternoon.  Coffee, tea, fruits, vegan local desserts, even vegan hot chocolate at 11:00pm for our son!  For those who are not vegetarian, the fresh fish, meat, etc. was served at another end of the dining table.  And unlimited local wine, beer, soda, water…


The service.   I don’t remember if we ever were so pampered in our life.   The cup of the Turkish coffee was served to the sofa, where I was resting and reading the book… a cup of the hot chocolate at 11:00 pm for my husband and son, unlimited tea any time during the day…

IMG_20170926_095405 IMG_20170927_152220

And what I will never forget is a cup of tea that was served to Eileen, the gulet owner, while she was swimming!  Here is the picture of her with the cup of tea in the water. IMG_20170929_090828

The crew is a hard working team that makes you feel so special.


The weather and the dates.  The weather was perfect, a little bit windy on the first day.  Then the sea became calm and we enjoyed swimming and water sports in the turquoise waters.  I personally prefer a little bit warmer water, so the next time we will book either earlier dates or choose the Turkish Coast route.  For all other people on the boat the water’s temperature was perfect.

IMG_20170927_161943 IMG_20170926_162725

IMG_20170926_154957 IMG_20170927_164155 IMG_20170925_173340

Thank you Eileen, Captain Cengiz and team for delicious food, for pampering us and for unforgettable experience!

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