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Vacaion in Mexico City

Our dearest friend just returned from the one week vacation in Mexico City.  His decision to go there was not the easy one, thanks to media and friends’ advice.  Honestly, he was so

“Go Naked”

Yesterday I called my former employer to check if I am eligible for the health coverage during my early retirement. At the time of separation, I was eligible for the coverage.  The operator

My Retirement Guru

I love Kathleen Peddicord.  She is my “Retirement” Guru.  Whatever questions or concerns I have, she will answer them in her e-letters. Kathleen Peddicord, the publisher of the Live and Invest Overseas, often referrers

Catch Up Conversation With My Friend

Yesterday I had a lovely conversation with one of my old friends. We know each other for over 30 years, from our college time back in Russia.  She became aware of our

Money, Money, Money, cont.

With regret I have to confess that we do not have five millions in savings, therefore we have to come up with the alternative way:  either dramatically reduce our spending during retirement

Are we nuts?

There is a Buddhist proverb: “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. Somehow, we started to see the articles about the early retirement, the best places for retirement, retire overseas,

To Blog or Do Not To Blog

It seems that every single person has a blog these days.  Our son insists that I also start writing a blog. Speaking of our son…  He is the one who influenced us to make