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I can’t believe that our 6 weeks stay at Chiang Mai almost over. On Jan 19 will be flying to one of our favorite cities, Kuala Lumpur, where we plan to obtain a new Thai Visa. During our 10 days stay we’ll see old friends, do some shopping, and indulge ourselves with so many things this city can offer.

The last few days Chiang Mai continues to surprise us with the new cafes, parks, Wats (temples), and people.


Here are a few pictures taken during our short motorbike ride to the Huay Kaew waterfall.

-IMG_20150117_130339 -IMG_20150117_125923

When you are done with the sightseeing, you can boost your protein intake with these local delicatessens.

-IMG_20150117_125340 -IMG_20150117_125346 -IMG_20150117_125356 -IMG_20150117_125406 -IMG_20150117_125417 -IMG_20150117_125426 -IMG_20150117_125433 -IMG_20150117_125447 -IMG_20150117_125456

After the waterfall, we drove another 10 km to Doi Suthep Mountain, where we visited the 14th century Wat Phra That Doi Suthep (Buddhist temple).


IMG_20150117_143136   -IMG_20150117_143303

We climbed more than three hundred steps up to reach the temple. I would say that it is too touristy for us.

300 steps...

300 steps…

-IMG_20150117_142106   -IMG_20150117_142148

Kids dressed up…asking for money…

-IMG_20150117_144745 -IMG_20150117_145949  -IMG_20150117_143524


As a reward you get spectacular views from the temple’s terraces – breathtaking!

View of Chiang Mai from Doi Suthep

View of Chiang Mai from Doi Suthep


And here are the pictures from around another temple, Wat Umong.

-IMG_20150114_162321 -IMG_20150114_164449

I forgot to tell that we love Chiang Mai and will come here again for 4-5 months at the end of 2015.

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  1. Alex Shaland says:

    Hi Ira and Igor. Looks like you are having a great time in Chiang Mai. You are talking about a “motorbike ride to the Huay Kaew waterfall”. Were you actually riding bikes there or you were the passengers? Do you have pictures of you on the bikes?

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