Thailand, Hua Hin


This little beach town is a summer residence of the Thai King for the past 70 years. It is also popular with the Western expats and retirees. We decided to spend 3 weeks at Hua Hin, and therefore rented a nice 3bdr pool villa with car.

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I personally love to be back to Asia where I can outsource cleaning, cooking, laundry for a minimal cost.


The first week was dedicated to the settling into the house and exploring the neighborhood. (BTW, we almost forgot how much attention the big house needs… so glad that we do not own any property – for us is better just to rent).

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Hua Hin is a modern city with a great infrastructure. It has a unique blend of the West and East (night markets, street food, shopping malls, spas, even Starbucks and McDonald’s).

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Settling in Hua Hin continues. We discovered that our villa has a water tank instead of public water system. The tank has to be refilled periodically. We did not realize that the water was almost finished and the next scheduled refill is the two days away.

On a way to the town, we saw a water man who climbed the neighbor’s fence to fill their water tank (their gate was closed). What to do? We need to order the water but the water man is behind the gate…

My husband decided to do what the water man did – to climb over the neighbor’s fence and “talk” to the guy and “place the order”. (“to talk” … the guy does not speak English and we do not speak Thai…)

Here is he, victoriously returning from the “meeting” where they seal the deal. You can see the pictures:


The big house has some advantage – you can invite the guests. Our friends from Sri Lanka have visited us and we had a wonderful time together. We enjoyed the pool, shopping, massages, food, horse riding…such a joy hosting the friends at our home!

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The three wonderful weeks in Hua Hin, Thailand are over. We are taking a mini-vacation – going to Burma with our friends from Princeton, NJ.

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