Vacaion in Mexico City

Our dearest friend just returned from the one week vacation in Mexico City.  His decision to go there was not the easy one, thanks to media and friends’ advice.  Honestly, he was so scared to go to the place where people have been kidnapped, the drug gangs attacked tourists on the streets, and danger was guarding your every step.
Kudos to his decision to go there anyway.  One week later, we got the report from his touristy trip.
Here is what he reported.
Beautiful and clean city, friendly people, great food (the street stalls are more fun than the restaurants), museums, art galleries, out of the town excursions.  And so many places that he could not to see because the luck of time… The life is so cheap there, the food, transportation, museums, and more. He even got the free entrance to the few museums as a senior citizen.  I guess the young girl thought that he is eligible already. What a pleasant and unpleasant surprise!  And his biggest revelation: “I can live comfortably with much less stuff that I have today!”
We asked if he can see himself living there, and he said “no”.  “Why not, if you like the city?”  “They do not speak English!” was his reply.   
This conversation teaches a few lessons:
  • Learn a local lingo before you go to the new country, maybe just a few phrases to get buy.
  • Explore the country and places by yourself and do not rely on the media and opinions of others.  
  • What works for others may not work for you.  
P.S. All photos featured in this post are the courtesy of our friend.  And thanks to his report, Mexico City is on our “Places to Visit” list.

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