Vietnam, Da Nang


After unforgettable stay in Dalat we moved to Da Nang, a coastal city in central Vietnam known for its sandy beaches. We booked a hotel within a 5 min walk from the famous China Beach. China Beach (My Khe Beach) in Da Nang is considered to be Vietnam’s most picturesque beach, the white sandy 20-mile stretch. (China Beach was named by the American troops who visited during the Vietnam War.)

Vietnam is a tropical country, and the average temperature in Da Nang in February is around 25C (85F). However, this year, the Mother Nature surprised us with the cold temperature and the freezing wind. We even had to buy the warm jackets … in a tropical country Vietnam.

In the future, Na Nang will be the next Miami, maybe… Today, off season, it did not offer too much to us.     Here is the famous Dragon Bridge in Da Nang up close and personal.  At night it changes colors, and at 9:00pm on weekends the dragon bows the fire (3 times only).  It is very a colorful and scenic view at night.

There are a couple attractions around Da Nang.  One of them is the Linh Ung Buddhist Temple, Son Tra Peninsula, features a stunning view of the sea, the sky and a 67-meter tall statue of “Quan The Am” (Lady Buddha) facing the ocean.  Another one attraction, the Marble Mountains, can be skipped.

Three nights at Da Nang was enough for us and we escaped to Hoi An.

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