Where to Retire


When you selecting your retirement haven, the experts recommend to consider at least following:  the cost of living, health/medical care, climate, safety, infrastructure, special benefits, accessibility, existence of expat community, and many other criteria.

Where to retire then?  Slow down! We talk, talk, and talk about our current financial and non-financial situation and how we see our life in the next 5-10-15-20 years.  And we still continue talking.

The goal of this exercise is to understand what each of us really need and want and how we can afford to maintain the same level of life after your retirement.

As of now, the first priority is to find a good and affordable medical care.

The first six month we plan to spend in India where we can dedicated time to improve our health by doing yoga and meditation. All countries, called The World’s Best Right Now , have excellent medical care, so they could be on our list.

From the health point of view, you will see that we are considering three major regions to explore – Asia, then South/Central America and Mexico, and then Europe.

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