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Recently I realized that I did not post anything on this blog for over four months.   Here a quick recap of what happened with us.

We started a New Year in Sri Lanka, at the small serene hotel on the beach. This is exactly what we need after the spending a full month in India at the yoga and meditation retreat. No loud music, just ocean, palms, sunsets….Our son was with us all the time and we enjoyed family time together.

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The last few days in Sri Lanka were amazing! We stayed with our friends at their wonderful house, went to buy some local fruits and veggies, cooked delicious meals that we would never discovered ourselves, even participated in the pet grooming activities (they have 4 dogs and 2 cats!)

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We concluded our Sri Lanka’s trip at a little gem – a small home-stay villa near Colombo airport – West Dene (highly recommend!).


And now we are back at Kuala Lumpur, settled at the same apartment complex we lived in 2015. We planned to stay in KL for at least four months here.



“What you gonna do in Kuala Lumpur for four months?” our friend asked us when we informed her that we are back in KL.

“We will live here and enjoy affordable luxury!” was our answer to her.

We rented a nice 3 bedroom (and 5 bathrooms – LOL!) apartment just 500m from the famous Twin Towers. The views from the balcony are stunning (see below)!


Apartment is also a nice one; it is spacious and well equipped with everything we need – fast internet, gym, pool, security, walking distance to the major attractions … plus KL has the cheapest in the world taxi rides (average $2 per ride).


Uber, taxi, and rail (Monorail or LTR) is our preferred method of moving around Kuala Lumpur. Uber and taxis are so inexpensive, sometimes even cheaper than the public transportation.

While we are enjoying a cheap ride, we also learn about local life from our drivers.

Below is a fragment of our conversation with the local taxi driver.

Driver: “Where are you from?”
Me: “From the US”
Driver: ” America… good country. I read that the US now sending the space ships to the Mars with the passengers. It is too expensive, more than $ 1 million dollars…”
Me: ” If you would have many-many millions of dollars, would you go to Mars?”
Driver: ” No! It is too dangerous there …”
Me: ” Why do you think it is too dangerous?”
Driver: “How it could be not dangerous if there is no government there?”


Our bliss is spreading, and our friend from the USA has decided to visit us in Kuala Lumpur. We made a trip to Malacca (Malay: Melaka). Melaka is a state in Malaysia and located in the southern region of the Malay Peninsula, next to the Straits of Malacca.

The capital, Melaka, is one of UNESCO world heritage sites in Malaysia, therefore there are so many tourists here… Food and local culture of Melaka is unique.


Because of the hot weather, we would recommend anyone to hire a car with the driver and go there through Putrajaya and enjoy this unique city.

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