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Hua Hin, Part 2

After returning to Thailand, we went straight to Hua Hin and settled at the same villa where we lived in November 2014.  This time, we plan to spend three months in Thailand,

Sunday in KL

Early Sunday morning in KL… Feels like Petronas Towers slowly waking up and gaze at the sky. .. It is 10:00 am, and it is too early for KL.  The malls are

Retirement Haven – Another List

We all search for that imaginary retirement haven.  However, the main question is still the same: “Can we afford it?”   Almost every retirement magazine, publishing company, and retirement experts have their own

Retirement Outsourcing

A week ago we saw a new movie “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”.  It is funny and sad at the same time. Seven British retirees decided to “outsource” their retirement to India.

Catch Up Conversation With My Friend

Yesterday I had a lovely conversation with one of my old friends. We know each other for over 30 years, from our college time back in Russia.  She became aware of our

Money, Money, Money, cont.

With regret I have to confess that we do not have five millions in savings, therefore we have to come up with the alternative way:  either dramatically reduce our spending during retirement