Sunday in KL


Early Sunday morning in KL… Feels like Petronas Towers slowly waking up and gaze at the sky. ..


It is 10:00 am, and it is too early for KL.  The malls are empty and coffee shops are offering cappuccino for the half of their regular price.

mall_AM       cappuccino_AM

Even bakeries are empty, waiting for the fresh croissants and bread to be delivered to the shelves.  It is not hot yet and it is nice to be outside. Lately, the temperature during the day stays around 96F or 36C – looking forward seeing our first electrical bill  :(


bakery2      bakery3

There so many inexpensive food options in KL, but we’ve decided to go (by taxi) to the Pudu Wet Market and buy some fresh fruits and vegetables and cook them at home. The veggies are so fresh, inexpensive, and in a huge variety. Surprisingly, we did not find too many fruits here.  Papayas, watermelons, bananas… The prices are almost the same as in supermarkets. We did not see the dragon fruits, snake fruits, jack fruit at the market, but they are sold at supermarket… The mango costs around RM 6-RM 12 per kg ($1-$2/lb). The coconut costs a lot everywhere!  Today, at the market the price was RM 3 (~$1).  It was the cheapest so far.  Usually, the price is between RM 4.5 –RM 6.0. It is almost $2 for a coconut!  In India and Sri Lanka we paid around 30 cents per coconut.  So far, we still manage to live under $100/day.

And we discovered a new fruit!  (do not know the name yet …)

unknown fruit

We are eating out almost every day (either morning coffee/tea, or late lunch, or early dinner).  There are a few vegetarian places within 5 min walk from the apartment.  Sometimes, we stay at home, and eat some fruits for the breakfast, salad for lunch, and skipping dinner.

I cook periodically, but today, I made our first home-made desert – a Bannoffee Pie.

Banoffee Pie

It feels like a home –  a cup of delicious Dilmah tea (thanks to our Sri Lankan’s angel for introducing this brand to us) and the pie…     It was soooo good!


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