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Armenia and Georgia

I am posting many short updates about our travels on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/EarlyRetirementAbroad) and I feel that I am doing OK job with those postings/updates.  Although I feel bad about not updating the

Vietnam, Saigon

We tried to postpone our trip to Vietnam for a couple years by now.  We did not want to visit Vietnam because of its communist government.   Many our friends were excited about

Saying Goodbye to Hua Hin

Hua Hin continues to surprise us as we’ve discovered a few hidden gems: Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas, Anantasila Villa beach hotel, little coffee shops, and spas: Let’s Relax and Asia

Hua Hin, Part 2

After returning to Thailand, we went straight to Hua Hin and settled at the same villa where we lived in November 2014.  This time, we plan to spend three months in Thailand,

Sunday in KL

Early Sunday morning in KL… Feels like Petronas Towers slowly waking up and gaze at the sky. .. It is 10:00 am, and it is too early for KL.  The malls are

Russia. Moscow

We are implementing the most irrational decision of our journey – visiting Russia.  We don’t have to report back to work, so we can afford to do whatever comes to our mind,

Retirement Haven – Another List

We all search for that imaginary retirement haven.  However, the main question is still the same: “Can we afford it?”   Almost every retirement magazine, publishing company, and retirement experts have their own

Vacaion in Mexico City

Our dearest friend just returned from the one week vacation in Mexico City.  His decision to go there was not the easy one, thanks to media and friends’ advice.  Honestly, he was so

“Go Naked”

Yesterday I called my former employer to check if I am eligible for the health coverage during my early retirement. At the time of separation, I was eligible for the coverage.  The operator

My Retirement Guru

I love Kathleen Peddicord.  She is my “Retirement” Guru.  Whatever questions or concerns I have, she will answer them in her e-letters. Kathleen Peddicord, the publisher of the Live and Invest Overseas, often referrers