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Retirement Haven – Another List

We all search for that imaginary retirement haven.  However, the main question is still the same: “Can we afford it?”   Almost every retirement magazine, publishing company, and retirement experts have their own

Kailash Yatra – part 1

Delhi -Kathmandu- Pokhara I am back from the longest vacation I ever took – 25 days away from home. It is hard to describe the trip.  As I mentioned, it was not

Kailash Yatra

Yesterday, I realized that we have less than five months left before our targeted departure date.  Once again, I started to panic if we have enough time to “wrap up all the US-based

To Blog or Do Not To Blog

It seems that every single person has a blog these days.  Our son insists that I also start writing a blog. Speaking of our son…  He is the one who influenced us to make