Kailash Yatra

Mt. Kailash

Yesterday, I realized that we have less than five months left before our targeted departure date.  Once again, I started to panic if we have enough time to “wrap up all the US-based operations”.

If you look at any relocation checklists available on Internet, all of them recommend starting some sort of pre-moving activities as yearly as six months prior to your moving date.  However, we can’t follow those recommendations because my son and I are going to Mt. Kailash at the end of July.

This will be the trip of a lifetime!  Not because the Mt. Kailash is the most mystical mount on the planet and December of 2012 is approaching.  It will be the trip to the most auspicious place with the avatar, the most powerful human transmitter of cosmic energy!  This whole experience will be an extraordinary event not to be missed. And I will write about the trip when we are back.

I am so grateful that my husband allows me to go, agrees to include the cost into our budget (it is a very expensive trip), and is staying at home to take care of our cat and of the final cosmetic repairs. We’ll be coming home on Aug 18th, and will be putting the house on sale.

My son and I will fly to New Delhi, India with the stopover in Frankfurt, Germany, arriving to India on the next day, just after midnight.  Then we will stay overnight in a hotel near New Delhi airport and meet the group on the next day for the flight to Kathmandu, Nepal.

A few tips how to make you stopover more enjoyable and save a few bucks on the tickets and the hotel.

a)      I applied for the Priority Pass Membership that will give me access to the VIP lounges around the globe at the discounted rate of $50/year instead of regular $100.

b)      As many of you, I used TripAdvisor to find the suitable hotel near the New Delhi airport. I used Agoda.com to book our hotel – the lowest price on the internet.

c)      My Indian coworker recommended me his company for air tickets.  After finding the lowest price on the Internet, I called them and ask if they can do better than Internet.  They gave me a very good price, and I bought the tickets from them.  Here is the name of the travel agency I used:


6539 N. KEDZIE AVE. CHICAGO, IL. 60645.

PH.   773-290-8687 // 773-572-3434  FAX  773-290-8034

I will dedicate a separate post about my preparation with the checklist for the trip to Mt. Kailash.


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