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One of our friends mentioned that my posts are food oriented.  Yes, she is correct.

What other subject would interest people?  Most likely, the majority of people’s time is spent at work, assuming that they are working.  But if you do not work, then what else occupies your day and mind?

Here are my thoughts:

  1. Shopping for food, planning what and where to eat, cooking, and eating out.
  2. Maintaining the house/apartment, cars, and other activities around the household.  Who wants to hear about this?
  3. Health, grooming, exercising, etc. I think that it is OK hear about this one in a while.
  4. Entertainment and recreational activities, such as reading, TV, theater, movies, outdoors, etc.  How often do we do them? Once in a week, if we are lucky…
  5. Personal stuff – relationships, volunteer work, investment, personal growth personal and spiritual experiences, etc. – all these things are personal, and I do not like to share them with the wide audience.
  6. Meeting new people – yes, this is interesting.  We meet amazing people, establish a bond, they share something personal with us …but I can’t post on-line our conversations, their names or photos; it is like betraying them…
  7. Travel, travel planning and research, seeing new places, meeting new people – yes, this is a big one.  But again, how much to share?  All information is available on Internet; do you want to repeat all of that?  A few photos here and there, without overdoing and triggering jealousy, I guess is OK.

As I mentioned early, I deeply respect Paul and Vicki Terhorst, who retired at age of 35. Below is the paragraph from the Live and Invest Overseas e-letter, written by Paul Terhorst.

We learned quickly that, when visiting friends and family back in the United States, we needed to focus on ideas and events that interest Americans. Our expat life means little to our friends back in the States. Only other expats and other perpetual travelers care about our expat lifestyle. Back in the States, our American friends prefer to relate to new technology, new cars, new wines, new restaurants…new-new-new. We’re the only expats they know, and we must be pretty weird because, you know, we’re expats.   

Best to avoid talking about it.”

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