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Medical Care in Malaysia

We arrived to Kuala Lumpur (KL) from Bali, where I was having 39°C (~ 102°F) fever for the five days.  We landed in the afternoon but I did not have any strength

Retirement Haven – Another List

We all search for that imaginary retirement haven.  However, the main question is still the same: “Can we afford it?”   Almost every retirement magazine, publishing company, and retirement experts have their own

My Retirement Guru

I love Kathleen Peddicord.  She is my “Retirement” Guru.  Whatever questions or concerns I have, she will answer them in her e-letters. Kathleen Peddicord, the publisher of the Live and Invest Overseas, often referrers

Hot Topic – Retirement Abroad

I can’t believe!  Retirement abroad is the favorite topic lately. Here is another article “10 Countries Where Retirees Live Large” by Jason Notte originally published by on June 20, 2012  and

Affluenza & Downshifting

On June 14, 2012 CNN Money published the article by Geoff Colvin “3 ways to take control of your retirement” (The story is from the July 12, 2012 issue of Fortune). The article covers

Money, Money, Money, cont.

With regret I have to confess that we do not have five millions in savings, therefore we have to come up with the alternative way:  either dramatically reduce our spending during retirement

Money, Money, Money

There are several articles published recently on the Interned, discussing how much money one really needs for retirement.   The numbers, calculations, assumptions are so confusing.  Some articles said that 3-5 million US