My parents in law did not immigrate with us to the USA; instead they decided to go to Israel.  The main goal of our recent trip to Israel was to visit their graves and catch up with relatives and friends, and do some sightseeing .


Below are my husband’s notes about our 10 days trip to Israel in September 2016.


Sunset in Tel Aviv

Our trip to Israel is over… such a marvel! A tiny startup country in the middle of the dead desert without water or natural energy resources… Actively hated by the much bigger neighbors denying its very existence? What can possibly become of it? A mere survival seems to take a miracle…

History lesson in Tel Aviv

Instead, they turned the ancient desert into the blooming garden by own sweat and blood and became a totally water and energy independent, powerful democracy. 


They responded to hate and terror by celebrating life and creation and leading the world in cutting edge technology, science, innovation, medicine and security. Even comparing to 10 years ago, when I was last here, the level of growth and optimism is unlike any other country.


They say there are very few Jews in Israel, which I thought was just a local joke. But walking the streets I saw that it is actually true! The variety of the mix is such that even Martians wouldn’t look out of place. First time felt like I could live and belong here… 


Israel offers an automatic citizenship to any Jew moving in, along with some $15,000 worth of startup help regardless of one’s net worth. Applications for citizenship are best filled ahead of time in the country of residence, with processing time around 3 months.  Health Care is free for citizens and world-leading.


Old Jaffa

Israel is hardly a place of abundance or exuberance. Competition for jobs is fierce and cost of living is quite high by any standards. But creativity, sense of unity and optimism are everywhere and palpable.

Upon our return, Shimon Peres died … a great leader of peace, vision, substance and character of a tiny country.  Maybe only young countries produce the leaders of great caliber, as a survival mechanism and then preserve the quality material for the time of real need? If a few world powers had such leaders at the same time, world would certainly be in a much better place today.” 

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