Kuala Lumpur, Visa Run


We are back to Kuala Lumpur! Many thanks to our wonderful host for the warm reception!  So good to be home!

This time we are staying in a different apartment – so close to our favorite Petronas Twin Towers. We can see them from the window when we go the bed and when we open our eyes in the morning. What a view!

IMG_20150119_183007     IMG_20150127_212440

We visited our favorite places: malls, cinemas, coffee shops, beauty salons, and neighborhoods, like Little India,

IMG_20150124_145646 IMG_20150124_144004

KLCC, and Bikit Bitang.




We missed the Indian food so much!

IMG_20150124_140122 IMG_20150119_190028

After 10 delightful days in Kuala Lumpur (KL) we are back in Thailand. The main reason for such short visit was to obtain the 60 days Thai tourist visa. Now we can stay in the Kingdom for 60 days, and extend the visit for another 30 days by submitting the visa exemption application, also known as TM7 form.

Kuala Lumpur is getting ready for the one of the busiest time of the year – Chinese New Year.  This year it is on February 19th, but everything and everyone is ready to celebrate: the shopping malls, the streets, the buildings, even the trees already are in a festive décor.



IMG_20150123_131153  IMG_20150123_112836

Last year we arrived to KL just after Chinese New Year, and therefore many businesses were closed in observation of the holiday.  This year we were able to enjoy KL even more.

Actually, it is good that we are now in Thailand, so we can avoid the celebration madness.  But we’ll be back to KL later this year – can’t have enough of that amazing city.

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