Songkran on Koh Pha Ngan


My Facebook posts and blog posts are out of sync, the blog is a little bit behind.  Here a few more words & pictures from Koh Pha Ngan.

The annual Songkran Festival, or the Thai New year previously held on dates based on the Thai lunar calendar. Now it is celebrated every year on the same 3 days: April 13-April 15.

New Year in Thailand is greeted with a splash! It is also called the “water festival”, and people are encouraged to throw water on each other. Water is believed to clean and wash away any sorrows from the previous year.

Here, on Koh Pha Ngan, in addition to the water splash, people apply a special “decorative” makeup.


The weather is also “cooperating” – 3 days in a raw a heavy tropical rain is washing away all our sorrows.  And because we all already soaked, we are able to escape the splash!  Actually it is very beautiful here when the rain stops and very relaxing when it falls.


IMG_20150413_134501  IMG_20150413_111803

Can’t believe that our wonderful stay in Koh Phangan is over. We met many amazing people from Israel, UK, Germany, and Thailand…

Our landlord was a monk, and lived in the monastery for 11 years; he also walked all over Thailand.  Our next door neighbor from Israel built an amazing but simple open air house surrounded by tropical gardens.

IMG_20150414_083828 IMG_20150414_083741 IMG_20150414_083801IMG_20150414_083906IMG_20150414_084332

With his permission, I am posting a few photos of his house and the plants – a magic feeling around his place…


IMG_20150414_084005 IMG_20150414_084054IMG_20150414_084824IMG_20150414_084507IMG_20150419_102434

Going to Krabi to explore a next popular region in Thailand.

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