Sri Lanka’s Beaches

our island

I had a hard time swimming in Varkala;  Arabian Sea is stormy and strong current pulls  you away from the shore.

Indian Ocean… Sri Lanka’s beaches! Here we are, just two of us in the water, facing the ocean, and no single person on the beach!

_beach    _beach4

Just fisherman’s boats waiting for their owners. The water is so clear, the waves are so “gentle” and “kind”, the temperature just right – not too cold or too warm. What a blessing!

_fishermen       _Matara-light house2     

 _Galle Fort9       _beach3


Whatever type of beach you want – you’ll find it Sri Lanka: beach for the surfing, beach for the socializing & partying, beach for meditation, beach for the wave watching, beach for “beginners”, etc.

_Matara-light house12    _Matara-light house4

We are leaving Sri Lanka. We spent here three weeks and so happy that we came here. Our life was transformed by amazing people we met in the country, who contributed a lot in our personal growth. Our deepest gratitude to our new friends!

And one more thing.   When we started our blog, we selected a beautiful picture from the internet and made it as our banner. We did not know anything about the island or villa, but we wanted to see it one day. And here we are, less than two years later in Sri Lanka, in Dikwella, searching for the interesting places around our hotel…  We were shocked to discover that “our” island is located just 15 miles from our hotel. Next day we went there and made tens of pictures of us in front of Taprobane Island.  (I feel  that the original picture was “photoshoped”, because the island is near the highway, and no elephants near by, at least when we were there.)

_our island1

This is the power of the manifestation!  Don’t afraid to dream, your dreams come true!

2 Responses to Sri Lanka’s Beaches

  1. Yosef Shimron says:

    We enjoyed as always to have Paul in our home for Passover dinner. Your blog is beautiful and very informative.
    We and many other couples are envy at you and we hope one day when the kids are on their own to follow your
    route… You should come and tell your story to everyone…
    All the best

    Chaya and Yosi Shimron

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