Detox at Jindal Nature Cure


Here I am, at Jindal Nature Cure Institute at Banagalore.  I admitted myself to this place for the detox program.  The place is so popular among the Indian middle class; therefore all rooms are booked almost a year in advance.   I would not be able to make it to this place without the help of the ShamNath Villa’s owner and our driver, both from Delhi.


Who is who at Jindal? Indian people from the US, Tanzania, Dubai, London, Mumbai, New Delhi, and from other parts of India.  However, I am the only blond here and look so different from the crowd.  All people approaching and welcoming me, and all are very friendly.

I am staying in the deluxe double room alone.  My husband has chosen to go to the different place, IAIM Health Care Centre  for the Ayurvedic approach to detox.


Jinda-DDR - Copy




Jindal has a wonderful green territory, the lake, and looks outside like one of the “all you can eat” Caribbean resorts. The only difference is that you CAN’T eat.   The food is restricted for majority of “patients”, and menu is carefully selected.  If you want to see how the typical day looks like, click here.

Every person is very busy at Jindal. In addition to the pool, tennis, and treatments, there are lots of evening activities, including additional afternoon yoga sessions. The biggest drawback for me is that the cell phones are prohibited and there is no WiFi on the campus.  Thanks to the new SIM card in my cell phone (over 1000 talk minutes plus 2G internet for was less than $20 US) I stayed connected to my husband and to the rest of the world.

A few words about the food. The Jindal’s philosophy is: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” – Hippocrates and “you are what you eat”.  You eat and drink only what is prescribed by your doctor.  And it is not a lot.  However, all patients feel lightness in their body, losing weight, and feel improvement of their health.  I also feel better, fresher, and stronger.  How else should I feel if I eat organic food, exercise up to 3-4 hrs per day, have massages and other treatments daily?  Life is beautiful!



Jindal is considered to be an expensive place. Are you curious what my final bill was? I paid Rs. 77,600 for 10 days stay, including everything. It is about $1,200 US or $120/day.

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